Revitalizing New Zealand Manuka Honey Mask for a Healthy Glowing Complexion 2 oz. (Packaged in clear or blue cobalt eco-friendly glass jar) with vitamins, pure botanicals, sweet orange essential oil, Raw Multifloral Manuka and Raw Seasonal California Honey 


A few of the benefits:

Healthy Vibrant Glow!

Improve Overall Complexion & Elasticity 

Nourish and Revitalize Dull Skin 

Enhance Skin Renewal for a Younger Appearance 

Rich in Antioxidants & Amino Acids

Rich in Cell-Regenerative Vitamins 

Replenish Extra Dry, Sensitive Skin   

Powerful Honey Humectant 

Balanced for Face, Neck and Body


Use as:

Hydrating Massage/Mask for a Fresh, Vibrant Complexion

Balancing Cleanser/Mask on Face, Neck and Body

Microfine Exfoliating Sugar Scrub



Apply mask to freshly cleansed damp skin. Allow Honey Potion to work its magic for up to 30 minutes. Wet face and gently massage in upward circles with fingertips. Rinse. Feel and see your vibrant 'honeydew' glow! 


Formulated with naturally derived botanicals and mindfully procured bee products. We never test on animals and we never take too much from the hive. We strive to help Save The Miraculous, Hardworking Bees and we raise our own right here in Northern California. Thank you for Supporting Fresh, Artisan business. 


Expect some product variance. Honey is a natural product and will vary with season, varietal, etc. Each time our Honey Potion is a brand new artisan made gift of nature. No two are alike.


Why Body by Bees? Honest, all-natural products, artisanally crafted in small batches with Mother Nature's Best. We support Local, Sustainable Farms and Apiaries, and utilize Pure Organic Ingredients. Organic herbs, refreshing citrus fruits and seeds, highest quality healing honey, and pure vitamins perfectly paired with hydrating plant oils, and delicately PH-balanced for a vibrant, clean and moisturized complexion. We never use perfumes, dyes, parabens, or any unnecessary chemical additives. Our products are never animal tested. Relax. Enjoy. Begin Anew, Daily with Body by Bees All-Natural Skincare. Thank You for Supporting Fresh, Mindful Business!