Perfectly Balanced for Face & Body; use as a Natural Clean-Rinsing Shampoo Bar and Creamy Shaving Lather too! 


Refreshing Blood Orange Citrus with Smooth Bergamot, Orange, Tangerine, Lime & Hydrating Coconut Oil for a Vibrantly Refreshed Complexion; One 4 oz. Purely All-Natural, Long-Lasting Bar


Artisan crafted in Northern California with Organic, Sustainable and Ethical Ingredients. Organic herbs, refreshing citrus fruits and seeds, highest quality healing essential oils, and pure vitamins perfectly paired with hydrating plant oils, and delicately PH-balanced for a vibrant, clean and moisturized complexion. Refresh, relax and begin anew with Body by Bees Pure Cleansing Soap in Uplifting Citrus Scents, Healing Herb Scents, and Soothing Oatmeals. Try our Deep Treatment Corrective Honey Hydration Moisturizer too!



Gentle Botanical Soap is Healing for Face & Body

Made with Organic Ingredients

All-In-One Complexion Renewal

Sensitive Skin Approved

Clean-Rinsing Shampoo Bar!

Creamy Shaving Lather!

Aroma-Therapeutic Energy

All-Naturally Removes Makeup and Impurities

Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Moisturizing Body Bar

Uplifting Citrus, Healing Herbs, Soothing Oats

No perfumes, dyes, parabens, phthalates

Ingredients Ethically Sourced


*Organic Ingredient

Ingredients: Bergamot Blood Orange Soap: Saponified oils of safflower*, sunflower*, sustainable Brazilian palm*, and unrefined coconut*, with naturally occurring glycerin; essential oils of blood orange, bergamot, orange, tangerine, lemongrass, and lime; madder root; rosemary extract*


Why Body by Bees? Honest, all-natural products, artisanally crafted in small batches with Mother Nature's Best. We support Local, Sustainable Farms and Apiaries, and utilize Pure Organic Ingredients. Organic herbs, refreshing citrus fruits and seeds, highest quality healing essential oils, and pure vitamins perfectly paired with hydrating plant oils, and delicately PH-balanced for a vibrant, clean and moisturized complexion. We never use perfumes, dyes, parabens, or any unnecessary chemical additives. Our products are never animal tested. We take the time for a long curing process to ensure the most long-lasting bars, without the need for harsh chemical hardeners/additives. Body by Bees Pure Soap is like a fine wine; The Best Organic Bar Soap you'll ever experience. Relax. Enjoy. Begin Anew, Daily with Body by Bees All-Natural Skincare. Thank You, Community, for Supporting Fresh, Mindful Business!


BERGAMOT ORANGE All-Natural Aromatherapy Soap

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