Highly Concentrated Beeswax Antioxidant Corrective Salve with Pure Vitamins and Soothing Botanicals for a Vibrantly Renewed Complexion (Net wt 2 oz., 56.69g) Powerfully healing and soothing. Perfectly balanced to treat your most stubborn skincare woes. Use as your Daily Moisturizer on Face, Neck and Body; Natural Pain-Relieving 'Neosporin'; and overall Hydrating Humectant. If you love Body by Bees Honey Hydration, you will love our New Deep Treatment Salve - even more anti-inflammatory beeswax! 


Use Daily on Face, Neck & Body to HEAL & PROTECT Delicate Skin:

-Reduce and eliminate under-eye puffiness

-Improve Overall Complexion 

-Correct Deep Wrinkles & Fine Lines with Pure Vitamins A, C & E

-Heal Acne, Cuts, Burns, Psoriasis & stubborn skin ailments

-Long lasting results you will see and feel immediately 

-Protect Against Environmental Pollutants and Stressors

-Beeswax replenishes dull skin and promotes cell-regeneration

-Beeswax is a Natural 'Neosporin' (analgesic pain reliever!)

-Soothe with Nourishing Botanicals, Vitamins & Antioxidants

-Deep Hydration Perfectly Balanced for FACE, NECK & BODY!

-Corrective Moisturizer for a Healthy Glowing Complexion

-Delicately balanced for All Skin Types, even acne-prone and sensitive skin

-Large Smooth Glide Roll-On applicator


Body by Bees Botanical Skincare Products available at select Whole Foods Markets


Why It's So Special

Gentle and Soothing for All Skin Types

Delicately PH Balanced for Face, Neck & Body

Promotes Natural Cell-Regeneration with Vitamins A, C, E

Nourishes Sensitive Skin & Heals Stubborn Skin Ailments

Nutrient Rich Antioxidants and Amino Acids Replenish

Naturally Plumps tired skin with Beeswax and Mango Butter

Bye-Bye, Deep Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Acne, Scars!

Clears Pores (Non-Comedogenic)

Long Lasting Hydration and Protection

Convenient On-The-Go Applicator

Improves Overall Complexion


Gentle for daily use on face, neck and body for your healthiest glowing complexion. Pure Botanicals and powerful Beeswax Antioxidants replenish dull skin and promote cell-regeneration, 100% Naturally. Delicately balanced for All Skin Types, even acne-prone and sensitive skin. Long lasting results you’ll see and feel immediately. Try our All-Natural Hydrating Soap too.


What’s in a label? Body by Bees Magical Beeswax, Vibrant Healing Botanicals, Nourishing Vitamins and Minerals, Hydrating Cocoa Butter, Aromatherapeutic Essential Oils, and that’s it. 100% Natural Bees' Corrective Salve Moisturizer: roll it on and watch it glow!


Although we cannot and do not make medical claims, our complete line of Natural Skincare Products will work wonders diminishing your most stubborn acne, acne scars, deep wrinkles, fine lines, uneven complexion, puffiness, stretch marks, and even the most sensitive skin ailments. You be the judge. Naturally derived and gentle, yet highly effective. We do not use perfumes, dyes, parabens, alcohol, or synthetic additives. Never animal tested. Supporting mindfulness, natural ecosystems, and the glow of the world. Thank You for Supporting Mindful Mother Earth Products!

BEES' PURE SALVE Deepest Treatment Antioxidant Moisturizer