Vibrantly Smooth Complexion

Organic Ingredients | Gentle for Face & Body | Long-Lasting 

Our luxurious healing products are artisan crafted in Northern California with Organic, Sustainable and Ethical Ingredients. 

Organic herbs, refreshing citrus fruits and seeds, highest quality healing essential oils, and pure vitamins perfectly

paired with hydrating plant oils, and delicately PH-balanced for a vibrant, clean and moisturized complexion.

Refresh, relax and feel your best with Body by Bees Pure Cleansing Soaps and Deep Treatment Antioxidant Moisturizers!

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Body by Bees Fresh Made Northern California 

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Always consult with your physician and do your research to see what is best for you. With any new product, conduct a patch test. 

Natural is better. Mother Nature knows best. Beeswax is MAGIC. Thank you for choosing Mindful Earth Products!