Deep Treatment Antioxidant Moisturizers 

Pure Botanical Healing for a Glowing Complexion

Highly Corrective | Visible Results | Gentle for Face & Body

Packed with Nutrient Rich Vitamins | Long-Lasting Humectant Hydration

Eliminate Fine Lines, Deep Wrinkles, Acne, Scars, Dryness, Puffiness and your most stubborn skincare woes 

with Body by Bees Nutrient-Rich Beeswax Corrective Moisturizers. Powerful Healing you will See and Feel Immediately and 

Delicately PH-Balanced for even the most Sensitive Skin. Naturally Non-Comedogenic (will unclog pores!), Anti-Inflammatory to Eliminate under-eye puffiness, Natural 'Neosporin' Anti-Bacterial Healing and Pain-Relief, Long-Lasting Humectant Hydration, Ultra Soothing & Highly Effective Corrective Moisturizing. Gentle for All Skin Types. We never use perfumes, dyes, parabens,

or harsh synthetic additives; 'simply' Mother Nature's best for the most Glowingly Smooth Complexion. 

Feel Your Best and Radiantly Glow with Body by Bees Deep Treatment Antioxidant Moisturizers!

Smooth it on and watch it Heal & Glow!

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Body by Bees Fresh Made Northern California 

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Natural is better. Mother Nature knows best. Beeswax is MAGIC. Thank you for choosing Mindful Earth Products!